The Process

As equally important as delivering a quality product to you, we ensure that every step of the way in our process we follow green chemistry principles to minimize the amount of waste, maximize use of renewable feed stocks, and exploit the most efficient strains of yeasts available for wine production.


Sustainable Fruit Harvest.

Traditional large-scale wineries have acres and acres of land dedicated to vineyards to harvest grapes, often working from 6 am to 10 pm at the peak season. Our small-scale winery emphasizes the use of natural berries and other fruits found around the country handpicked by our harvest interns delivering you a special, unique bottle of fresh wine with a unique Batch # and Bottle #. Don't worry we treat our interns like royalty.


An Aromatic Fermentation. 

Following our long harvest, we extract the sweet juice from fruit, add in some water, sugar, and yeast to kick start the fermentation and let it go! Just as we need oxygen to breathe, our yeast strains thrive off oxygen in the primary process while producing gaseous carbon dioxide and alcohol. After yeast has done it's job, removal of sediment and clarification is necessary for a crystal clear wine. 


Finishing and Bottling our Wine.

Once the wine is crystal clear, our next step is to back sweeten our non-dry wines. Honey, more juice, and other natural sweeteners are used to give our wines that unique succulent taste. Bottling the wine in our traditional 750 ML bottles followed by labeling each one with a unique batch and bottle number is the last step. After a long day of hiking in the fjords, pop open some W.F. wine while watching the midnight sun.