A Wine for Everyone

Whether you have a sweet tooth or enjoy wine dry as the Sahara, we have a wine for you. All of our wines bear namesakes of landscapes and wildlife of the beautiful Westfjords. The Arctic Fox (Blueberry) varietal will be the first wine to debut, in extremely limited quantities until our 2018 harvest. In the future, keep an eye out for the Rauðasandur (Rhuburb) & the Látrabjarg Puffin (Mead) to hit shelves.  


'The Arctic Fox' (Blueberry, Very Sweet, 11% ABV)

The wine that began everything, inspired by the foxes that roam the endless fjords alongside while they munch on blueberries to prepare for a long and dark winter in Iceland. Our first produced wine is also our sweetest, and lowest percent alcohol by volume. This wine pairs well with lamb stew and bitter dark chocolate for dessert. It may be best to consume this wine after a long day of hiking in the fjords, when you are ready to relax and replenish your body's sugars. Watch the foxes play at the Arctic Fox Center while you enjoy a foxy glass of blueberry wine. Be very careful in drinking this wine, it may satisfy both your sweet tooth and alcohol craving simultaneously, which may be hard to notice even after the 750 ML bottle is emptied. 


'Rauðasandur' (Rhubarb, Semi Sweet, 12% ABV)

The sweet tartness our of Rhubarb Wine, Rauðasandur mocks the sweet feeling of being at a beach in Iceland. Rauðasandur has a bit more of a bite, and is not nearly as sweet as our blueberry varietal, but packs in some punch at 12% alcohol by volume. If you're feeling hungry and wish to pair this wine with some food or dessert, we highly recommend some fresh seafood and Hjónabandssæla, respectively. This wine is perfect for venturing out to the bright beaches of the fjords, and setting up a nice picnic while watching the waves of the sea rush back and forth. After drinking some of our Rauðasandur at your picnic, go on a nice walk along the front, but not too close, and watch the sun never set during the endless summers. Be patient for the debut of this wine, as of now we have no solidified date for the harvest of rhubarb. Please check back on our website soon for the release date of this varietal. 


'The Látrabjarg Puffin' (Mead Honey Wine, Bone Dry, 13% ABV)

Our house MEAD, or honey wine is ironically our most dry variety. You're quite the classy one if this is the bottle you choose off the shelf. Our 'Látrabjarg Puffin', or simply 'Puffin', is the least sweet, and claims the highest alcoholic content our of wines. It only takes one glass of our 'Puffin' to get you flying. This wine is made from honey, rather than a traditional fruit, and fermented an alcohol honey beverage. It is easy to increase the amount of honey and with our strains of yeast, they are able to completely metabolize the fermentable sugars into a high ABV beverage you can enjoy. We do not condone drinking more than one glass of the Látrabjarg Puffin, especially if you are out at the bird cliffs. Lastly, just as the puffins come to Iceland for a romantic getaway, drinking our 'Puffin' is extremely fitting for your own romantic dinner date. Please check back on our website soon for the release date of this varietal.