batch 1 varieties

Our first batch of wines are due in early 2019, we will be taking PREORDERS in late Summer of 2018 in limited quantities. Our first wines to debut are bilberry ('The Arctic Fox'), crowberry ('The Puffin'), and arctic mead. We have a wine variety for each level of sweetness and alcoholic content for each individual palette.


bilberry wine ('the arctic fox') - est. 50 bottles

The wine that started it all. The 'arctic fox' bilberry wine has a medium sweetness profile with an ABV of 12%. The Northern European bilberry is found in plentiful amounts around the fjords of Iceland. The bilberry's North American cousin, the blueberry, is slightly bigger in size and slightly less sweet. Consumption of these fruits is linked to high antioxidant activity and a large concentration of polyphenol compounds called anthocyanins. These properties are connected to lower cardiovascular risk, improved cognitive function, and healthier skin. You can only imagine the benefits of drinking a glass of wine per day with this super-fruit . Consume this wine while you're out hiking the fjords and need a nice cool drink when viewing the beautiful sunsets.

crowberry wine ('the puffin') - est. 50 bottles

Crowberries are unique to arctic vegetation and the Northern Hemisphere. These berries are particularly acidic, astringent, and contain a high amount of water and anthocyanins. The high tannin and anthocyanin content often gives these raw berries an astringent and bitter taste when consumed raw, but they are a great candidate for fruit pies and fruit wines. Our special crowberry wine, 'The Puffin', is a very dry and high ABV wine (13.5%) with strong, intense flavors from the native Icelandic berry. This wine pairs well with red meat and dark chocolate. This fruit cannot be found in warm regions of the world, and has been used in sub-arctic regions for the Inuit and Sami people as an essential part of their diet. Drink this wine while exploring Latrabjarg cliffs.



arctic mead (Spiced honey wine) - est. 100 bottles

Our sweet and spiced mead is a truly unique product that we have been experimenting with for years. Our mead is distinctively sweet with remnants of a honey aftertaste containing an ABV of just under 10%. Arctic thyme, birch, angelica, and other herbs native to Iceland are continually being tested with our mead varietals to optimize our wine. The fermentation process is similar to our other varieties, with the exception of honey in place of fruit in the primary and secondary fermentation. Mead and ales were traditionally consumed by Vikings in some parts of Northern Europe due to the lack of an environment suitable for growing grapes. Even today in Finland, a sweet mead called Sima, is consumed during May Day celebrations. This is a great wine to pair with seafood and white meats. Enjoy our mead while you explore the beautiful red sand beaches of the Westfjords.